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 Dolly need ur love

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PostSubject: Dolly need ur love   Fri May 29, 2009 9:52 pm

There are two bands under the name Dolly, one is Japanese and one is
French. It’s decided that we should respect each band and we should
have separate groups for both bands.

Popular French rock group Dolly got together in Nantes, a town in the
west of France, in 1991. Their formation came about thanks to drummer
Thierry Lacroix and singer Emmanuelle Monet - aka Manu - who shared a
mutual passion for English and American music.

Vocals: Mitsu (蜜)
Guitar: Masa (聖)
Guitar: Yuina (ゆいな)
Bass: Hachi (はち)
Drums: Tsuguki (亜樹)

Recommend song: Word's End and there song is all awsome ^ ^
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Dolly need ur love
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